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Fang Brim Attachment


Sink your teeth into our fang brim attachment. Currently available in blood curdling red, bright white fangs, or haunting glow in the dark.

What other colors would you like to see?

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Flash your fangs with the fang brim attachment.

🦇 Dare to don a sinister edge to your style with our Fang Brim Attachment, the epitome of spooktacular fashion. This ghoulishly captivating accessory will transform your ordinary flat bill hat into a sinister masterpiece, crafted for the darkness within.

🧛‍♂️ **Vampiric Aesthetic:** The meticulously crafted fangs are shaped with precision, ready to sink their metaphorical teeth into your fashion sense.

🌘 **A Trio of Malevolence:** Choose your allegiance with three haunting shades. The fiery red evokes the burning hunger of a vampire, the pristine white reflects the icy chill of the undead, and the eerie glow in the dark option radiates the enigmatic glow of creatures of the night.

🌙 **Exclusively Sinister:** Only the brave dare to add this brim attachment to their arsenal of style. This exclusive accessory is a limited-time offering, making it the perfect addition to your Halloween ensemble or any time you feel the call of the supernatural.

🌑 **Crafted from the Shadows:** Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our brim attachments are 3D printed using high-quality PLA filament, ensuring durability and authenticity in every sinister curve.

Unleash your inner vampire, make a spine-tingling statement, and let the world know that you’ve been bitten by the fashion of the night. Whether it’s for a Halloween soirée or to add a touch of darkness to your everyday attire, the Fang Brim Attachment awaits its next victim. Do you dare to embrace the allure of the undead? Beware, for the darkness within you is about to rise. 🌒


PLA 3D printed & hand modeled

2.5 inches tall & 7.5 inches long

Wide brim base for strong grip

Easy slide on & off design

Don't forget to grab some extra ears!

Get more colors!

Get your extra ears!


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Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Brim Attachment

Blood Red, Glow in the Dark, White


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