otakus gotta stick together

How the power of nerds brought Krazy Kat Studios to life.

Thank you to all of our supporters!

We are hella excited that everyone who wears our hats, knows they are getting a unique and versatile product worthy of all fierce otakus.

Krazy Kat Studios CEO

Before I created Krazy Kat Studios, I was just the average anime nerd who went to my day job, and when I could afford it, made costumes and went to conventions.

I always thought I would need to get a nice job with a big company to be successful. So, I worked for lots of companies, including Disney. I got pretty close, but was never completely happy. The draw to go to conventions and cosplay was always there.

At conventions, I saw others like me creating things with amazing artistic talent. I wanted to make something everyone would love to wear and show off their fandoms.

At first, I was concerned I would grow tired of cosplay and creating nerd-wear.

Boy was I wrong…

I realized it’s ALL I WANTED TO DO. I wanted to make something that was unique and would stand out. Something any nerd could wear to show off their favorite fandom.

So, I set out to create the most unique yet versatile hats for the fiercest of otakus in all the fandoms.

It turns out… 

The road was more difficult than I imagined. My day job sapped almost all of my energy and my mental health continued to decline with every delay of launching my products.

I just took it one day at a time and made sure to take breaks where I could.

Before launch my biggest fear was being overshadowed by other creators. There’s already so much out there and it’s hard to stand out amongst all of the amazing art and apparel.

Through it all, I released my first products and the response has been amazing.

I want to continue to create unique and fun apparel for otakus everywhere!

Thank You to everyone who has supported us through this incredible journey!

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